Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Symptoms and Treatment

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Common Symptoms

  • Tiredness, extreme Fatigue or lethargy
  • Pale or Yellow Skin
  • Sensations of Pins and Needles
  • Inflamed Tongue
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Noticeable Heartbeat

Vitamin B12 deficiency is extremely common in India. Monitoring the level of vitamin B12 in the body is especially important for people who do not eat meat, as there is the risk of developing a deficiency, which can lead to anemia, infertility, and cause cancer of the digestive tract. Majority of people in India are vegetarian and Vitamin B12 is the essential vitamin that rich amount is obtained from the non-vegetarian diet.

In this article, we will consider what vitamin B12 is, why the body needs it and what its features are. You will learn how to avoid a deficiency of B12 for vegetarians with best-chosen vitamin b12 supplements.


Benefits of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, in fact, is a bacterium, and has a second name cobalamin, due to the content of cobalt in it. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in our body and keeps us healthy and energetic. It helps different body organs to perform their functions properly.


1. Strong Nerves

This is a vital nutrient for a strong nervous system. Vitamin B12 helps in the formation of nerve fiber sheaths that protect nerves from damage and keeps effective transmission of nerve flows.


2. Mental Health

Deficiency of B12 can affect mental health. It can cause different mental issues like depression and mood swings. Intake of Vitamin B12 can improve your mental health and lead to a healthy happy life.


3. Improved Heart

Homocysteine is a harmful amino acid and its high levels lead to heart disease. Vitamin B12 maintains a homocysteine level in your body and improves your heart health. One of study3 says vitamin B12 with Folic acid can be used as a treatment of heart diseases.


4.Gives You an Energy Boost

If you feel low energy and constant fatigue due to low levels of Vitamin B12 increased intake can be helpful as an energy booster.


What happens if we lack Vitamin B12?

The lack of vitamin b12 will negatively affect the work of the whole organism if it is not detected and prevented in time.

In both animals and humans, vitamin B12 is concentrated and stored in the liver. When going to vegetarianism, these reserves may last for months and years. Caring for B12 vegetarians should not rely solely on these stocks; necessarily need its additional source. Otherwise, there is a risk of increased homocysteine ​​in the blood, which can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases, adversely affect the course of pregnancy.



The symptoms that occur due to this disease are not dangerous initially but they worsen gradually with the increase in deficiency, following are the symptoms


Due to Vit B12 deficiency, you have decreased production of RBCs so when there are low circulating RBCs it makes your skin look paler or jaundice type.


Due to decreased production of RBCs, the supply of oxygen is inefficient to our body parts which makes you feel weak and tired.


Vit B12 long term deficiency is the reason for this symptom as it is important for the production of myelin which makes your nerves insulated and is vital for your nervous system function.  This symptom shows the damage to the nerve.


If Vitamin B12 deficiency is not treated so it may cause changes in the way you move or walk, it may affect your balance.


Vit B12 deficiency may cause glossitis (inflammation of the tongue). Other than this it may cause burning sensations and itching in the mouth.


Due to Vit B12 deficiency, abnormal RBCs are produced which cannot transport oxygen and fulfill the requirement so due to this gap between demand and supply the person feels breathless and dizzy.


It is a rare symptom but due to the damage of the nervous system, the optic nerve can be affected and which can cause blurred or impaired vision.


People with B12 deficiency are feeling depressed most of the time or are going through a condition called dementia (loss of memory).


The etiology of it is still unknown but people with Vit B12 deficiency face high temperatures.

How to treat Vitamin B12 with Vegetarian Products

Scientific studies of recent decades have proven that plants do not contain a beneficial form of vitamin B12 for humans. Eggs (0.6mcg), milk (1.2mcg) and its derivatives, contrary to popular belief, are not a reliable source of vitamin.

Where b12 is contained in sufficient quantities:

  1. Food and brewer’s yeast, vegetable milk.
  2. Vitamin supplements. As a rule, vegetarians get vitamin B12 from them, as from the most reliable source.


A Certain Amount of Vitamin May Be Found in the Following Foods:

  • Tofu cheese, tempeh bread, miso paste, provided that bacteria producing cobalamin were involved in their preparation.
  • Natural farm vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs are grown on cobalt-containing soil, without treatment with chemicals.

The presence of vitamin in seaweed is often questioned or considered insignificant. Many of them contain an inactive form of the vitamin, which is practically not absorbed but affects the quantitative indicators of its level in the analysis.

Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin B12

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin B-12 depends on a person’s age:

  • Adults and teenagers: 2.4 micrograms (mcg) per day
  • Children between 9 and 13 years old: 1.8 mcg per day
  • Children between 4 and 8 years old: 1.2 mcg per day
  • Toddlers between 1 and 3 years old: 0.9 mcg per day

Infants between 7 and 12 months old require 0.5 mcg of vitamin B12 per day, and babies less than 6 months old only need 0.4 mcg per day.

Pregnant women require 2.6 mcg while breastfeeding women need 2.8 mcg per day.

How to Supplement Correctly with Vitamin B12

To get the most out of your vitamin, consider the following:

  1. Vitamin b12, ingested with food or supplements in the form of hard tablets, is absorbed in the stomach. This process can be suppressed by the gastric juice secreted for digestion. Therefore, diseases accompanied by a change in acidity (ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis, dysbiosis, parasites) pose a high risk of B12 deficiency for all people, regardless of the type of food.
  2. Vitamin B12 is best taken as an independent supplement, in the form of a spray, chewable or drops under the tongue. In this case, highly in chewing absorption occurs immediately in the oral cavity without entering the stomach. As part of multivitamin preparations, it is often inactive and is adjacent to copper, iron, vitamins A, C, B1, B3, which neutralize its effect.
  3. The combined intake of b12 with B6 and B9 prevent cancer, lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, treat depression and anxiety, maintain cognitive health and beneficial in many ways.
  4. The degree of absorption of the vitamin increases, if taken in small doses, up to 1500 micrograms per dose.
  5. Absorption is prevented by the use of antibiotics (synthetic and natural), as well as certain drugs.

All of the above indicates that Maintaining B12 for vegetarians and vegans is no big deal. Enough fortified foods and vitamin supplements are sufficient for this. People who do this are less likely to suffer from a deficiency than those who eat traditionally and without supplements. This is confirmed by numerous studies of scientists around the world.

Why Take Chewable Tablets

Absorbable (chewable) preparations are a great alternative to traditional tablets. Their main advantage is the possibility of comfortable use anywhere and anytime. Other benefits include:

  • As above we told about studies; absorption occurs immediately in the oral cavity without entering the stomach and shows quick action.
  • More pleasant sensations than when swallowing pills.
  • Pleasant taste.
  • There is no need to drink water, take the drug before, after or with food.
  • Less amount and severity of possible side effects.

For people with dysphagia (difficulty or swallowing disorder), chewable drugs have the added benefit. In this case, you do not need to swallow the tablet – it completely dissolves in the mouth, which means that the patient will not have to experience discomfort when swallowing.

Proper Combination and Recommendations

  • Methyl folate (folic acid supplement) with vitamins B12 and B6 promotes the growth of enzymes that stop and reduce the growth of benign and malignant tumors. The most common compatibility of Vitamin B12 is with substance methyl folate, B6, zinc, Vitamin K. 7/10 of women face a deficiency of vitamin B6.
  • Methyl folate with vitamins B12 and B6 is importantly needed for expectant women and mothers, planning a pregnancy. Deficiency of essential vitamin in the mothers grows the risk of giving birth to a baby with mental disability, pathologies or miscarriage, detachment of the placenta and premature birth.
  • The specialist recommends daily use of vitamin B12 with methyl folate and B6 in a dosage of 0.4 to 1.0 mg in the first tri mister and during pregnancy. Also, this combination (B12 with methyl folate and B6) is recommended for women after 50 years, to improves during menopause.
  • Folic acid with vitamins B12 and B6 for adolescents (age 10 to 19) is essential for normal growth and good memory.


What Conclusions Can Be Made?

  1. The traditional diet is not a guarantee of salvation from deficiency. Despite how much vitamin B12 products of animal origin contain, it will not be fully absorbed if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. For the quality assimilation of vitamin B12 it is recommended:
    1. monitor the health of the digestive system
    2. take supplements in liquid or chewable tablets in small doses
  3. Do not combine vitamin intake with substances that neutralize its effect.