Palak Notes: Anxiety + Anger + Mood + Calm


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 Palak notes: A mood booster with vitamins, magnesium and potassium releases stress and anxiety, for a calm and better functioning mind and body in the form of easy to digest capsules 



Palak notes believes in and advocates for mental health. Brain is the controller of the entire body and bodily systems. It is of acute importance to take care of the brain and its functions for a fully functioning and healthy body. This product is especially designed for controlling anxiety and anger, keeping the mind in a calm state and your moods in order. With organic ashwagandha (withania somnifera) and other essential vitamins and minerals, it is an exceptionally good mood enhancer and plays a vital role in reducing stress. 

Who can take?

  • People with high stress levels 
  • People with stomach ulcers 
  • For a good sleep at night


Q1: How can these benefit us?

A: The number one reason for weight gain or any disease is actually our stress. Not only this, acidity too is a product of stress. These capsules are mood enhancers, they keep anxiety away, manage stress and anger. Whenever you have an overwhelming feeling or anything related to stress, these capsules calm your mood down. They do it by providing your body with the required essential vitamins and minerals. Even if you have trouble sleeping, these capsules will relax your mind and make your sleep quality better. 


Q2: how often can I take them? Are they addictive?

A: You can take these capsules everyday and no they contain no such ingredient that increases or causes addiction. 


Q3: what is the advised dosage?

A:  You can take 2 capsules after meals.


Q4: Can people with stomach ulcers have it? 

A: Main reason behind the formation of stomach ulcers is stress and this product is specifically made to manage your stress levels. You can take these capsules for the cure and prevention of stomach ulcers. 

Scientific studies

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract


Antidepressant action


Antidepressant properties confirmed by a clinical trial. Researchers found that this herbal treatment could significantly improve depression rating scores which results in favorable tolerability and quality of life. 


Enhancing physical and mental fatigue


A human trial result found that Rhodiola rosea root extract could alleviate mental fatigue and enhance physical performance.


 Learning ability and memory function improvement


Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract has a direct effect on brain tissue as it improves blood flow and metabolic functioning in brain tissue. The clinical trial result showed that this herbal product intake could reduce the number of errors


Organic Ashwagandha




Researchers had proven that ashwagandha reduced stress level and thus alleviated the anxiety


Increase physical endurance


Clinical research reported that Ashwagandha containing dietary supplements could reduce exhaustion level and improve physical activity




Mood enhancement


Research background supported that intake of 5HTP had an effect on positive emotional health by providing serotonergic activity.


Reduce food intake


Clinical research reported that 5HTP could induce satiety and reduce food intake.


L Tryptophan


Improvement of delirium


L Tryptophan can control delirium symptoms like restlessness. 


Behavioral improvement


Researchers got evidence that this ingredient could treat behavioral, cognitive, and physical problems associated with psychiatric disorders by controlling serotonin dysregulation




Major Depression


This ingredient could effectively treat the major depressive disorder. 


Bipolar Depression


This ingredient has a promising effect on bipolar depression disorder treatment.


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