Autoimmune Lowering (THYROID, Arthritis, Eczema), Gluten Free, Milk Free, GMO FREE


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It took me over 6 months just to make these recipes. I have put in 7700 hours of research to make this diet plan. This is the first diet plan ever which will help reversing your Autoimmune problems, Hormonal imbalances, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Spondylitis, Acidity, Fatigue, Thyroid and many more health Issues. The food choices that I have made will send signals to your body to start balancing hormones and start burning fat. This will kick start your metabolism and you will feel suddenly “No More Cravings”, No More Snacking, Your Body pains are gone, Your anxiety is gone, Your Antibodies will drop  and it could be possible that you have to visit your doctor to lower the medicine.


I have just named it as “21 days! But you will definitely see so many positive changes in your body that you can continue to follow this diet plan the rest of your life. This is a bible of new recipes that are easy to make, healing and will promote weight loss.

Here’s is what I am offering you in 21 days Hormonal Balancing weight loss Diet plan.

21 days of meals, already planned for you – breakfast, Mid-morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Dinner. If ever snacking is required

Vegetarian, Eggs and Non Vegetarian Options: You can choose what you want to eat. 100% Vegetarian is also available.

All recipes are Gluten Free, GMO Foods Free, Sugar Free and Milk Free. You won’t miss these foods also.

Lifetime access to the recipe Videos: Just watch and Start cooking

Written recipes In English with Picture of each Recipe

Minimal cooking time – breakfast and lunch come together in 5-10 minutes each, and dinners takes around 30 minutes to make

Intermittent Fasting made easy for anti aging and Longevity. I have added those foods on a day before fasting day that you wont realize that you have missed a meal

What to drink during the fast. How to break a fast so that no digestive issues should appear.

All these recipes are well balanced and your kids and whole family can enjoy.

Hormone balancing Super Foods that will give less cravings

All recipes are as per Indian Taste with power of Herbs and spices

Instruction: I strongly recommend to take Vitamin D3 and K2, Digestive enzymes and Omega 3 immediately after lunch and drink apple cider vinegar before lunch


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