Through Palak Notes my mission is motivate, teach and help people to integrate a healthy lifestyle as a part of daily routine.

My Vision

Every woman has to work hard for a better future of her family and only she knows how demanding it is. My mission is to bring
healthier, disease free and energetic lifestyle to her door step.

How will I achieve this goal

I will achieve this goal through Palak Notes Videos, through health supplements which will be researched in detail to target health ailments affecting people’s lives today. As far as I have observed many of the supplements containing some of the most essential ingredients that are available around the world are not yet available in India, it is my vision and mission to provide all the supplements to the Indian consumers. Some of the examples are:

  • We are the first company to replace preservatives with RoseMary Herb in the supplement capsule.
  • We are the first supplement company in India to use ascorbyl Palmitate (Ester Vitamin C) as a filler, so it gives further benefit to the consumer in terms of better skin.
  • We are the first company to use MCT oil in our soft gel capsules as an excipient, whereas other companies use hydrogenated oils.


About Me

This quote has lingered on in my mind for a very long time now, and it goes:

“The Two Most Important Days in Your Life are

the Day You are Born,

and the Day You Find Out Why”

It is relevant in my life because by profession I am an Engineer, but I became popular and got my recognition as a Nutritionist! From the beginning, there was this desire inside me to serve, to do something for society, give something back to society, which I could realise in the form of a nutritionist. I am happy to help people by guiding them towards a better and healthy life. But of course, this was all not as easy as it sounds.

Life in Germany

Just like any other girl from India, I focused on my education and career, got married at the right time. We had to move to Germany when my husband landed a job there. I landed my dream job soon, but it was 300 kilometers away from where my husband and I were situated. We had only two options in front of us, either I let go of this job opportunity and stay with my husband or I take up the job and see my husband once a week, which will be a post-marriage long-distance relationship! We both made the sacrifice of staying away from each other all week long and met only for weekends. It was a huge opportunity and proved to be a really successful and satiating endeavor.

Start-Up and Failure

In my job, I worked as a Sales Electronic Engineer and at Managerial Positions in multinational companies in Germany while still going through a rough patch of getting to meet my spouse only during weekends. Since I was free most of the evenings on weekdays, I got this brilliant idea of starting a Startup company called “Rakhi.” In Indian tradition, Rakhi is the sacred band that a sister ties to her brother which indicates a promise that the brother will always protect the sister in her hard times or misfortunes. So the idea behind “Rakhi” was similar. It was a band that would help Indian women to move in the dark without fear. If encountered by any danger, all she had to do was push the button on the band,  and it would connect to emergencies with a loud noise. Although the concept was great there was no money to fund the project, so I went ahead and contacted TATA Company for investment, which is one of the global leaders and has their tentacles spread in all aspects of business around the world. Unfortunately, the deal did not go through and we were unable to make the “Rakhi” dream of my team come true.

Finding My Passion

Refugees were pouring into Germany by thousands at that time. They travel for months together to reach Germany without proper food or shelter. By the time they step foot into Germany, they are completely malnourished and have several health issues, and even after months, it would be difficult for them to recover from it. This kind of scene had become common in Germany, and their sad plight made me want to do something for them, treat them and help them heal in whatever way I could. Each individual reacts differently to a situation, and it is amazing how life takes a turn when you least expect it. Their situation inspired me to read about food and nutrition so that I could get knowledge about how to nurse a malnourished person back to health.

Now, this was something completely new to me, a subject I never knew before as I come from an engineering background. So yet again, here I was standing in totally unknown territory! The more I read about food and nutrition, it intrigued me further. The food that we take for granted, the food that we put in our mouth without even thinking twice, it had miraculous healing properties if consumed in the right proportion at the right time and made from the right quality! Suddenly a whole new world opened up in front of me. Until now I had never realised the Power of Food! Well, intrigue turned into interest and interest turned into a passion. I took up a Nutritionist Course, learnt about supplements and I went on to become a Certified Supplement Advisor. I had found my Passion at last! It is very soul-satisfying to guide a person to get healed, have a better lifestyle, and put a smile on their face. The smile says it all, “Yes I am feeling better, I feel energetic, I am in a good mood, and I have never felt better!” At last, I was able to realize my dream of giving something back to society.

Grateful to My Family Members

Well once you know you are qualified, but you still need to practice your newly gained knowledge on a few people before you became an expert. So this is when my family came in as a support for me. My mother was suffering from an auto-immune thyroid disorder, my father has a chronic spondylitis issue. So with the newly acquired knowledge, I started guiding my parents towards a better lifestyle. I advised them in detail about the food that they must and must not have for their respective health issues. I put in my knowledge and effort and they took my advice seriously and put in their effort, and as the days passed by both of them started losing weight, getting back their energy. Their foggy minds cleared up and they were in an elevated mood. Everybody could notice the changes in them. It was like a miracle! They had been suffering for more than a decade with their health issues, and all of a sudden they were feeling better, they were livelier than ever before! Very soon at the age of 58, my father started a successful company. It was because his mind was active, alert and he could think clearly. He did not have health issues that bothered him anymore.

My brother who was suffering from obesity since his childhood took my advice and guidance, and he could successfully lose 40 pounds of his weight. It made him happy and energetic. It motivated him to get better with each day! There is a sense of worth and fulfillment when you know you are healthy from within!


My Mission

Although settled in Germany for some time now, I have not forgotten my Motherland, India. Educating people about the right food, how to cook and consume the food, the lifestyle changes that they need for their particular health issues, advise on the right exercises for the particular disease or disorder is my agenda. With this intention in mind, I have also started a YouTube channel, PalakNotes in which I have discussed several lifestyle disorders and how to correct them in detail. Do not fail to check them out.
I have also written several blogs so that people are more aware of what their health issues are and what the symptoms to observe are, and how to alter lifestyle accordingly. I do encourage my readers and followers to get in touch with me if they have any doubt for a consultation, it can alter their life for the better!

I have introduced some amazing products that have never been introduced in India before. I aim to provide authentic supplements that will have all the ingredients mentioned in them which will help people treat their diabetes, thyroid, obesity, and other health issues in India as well as around the world. I have stepped forward with a goal to make people aware of the benefits of using supplements and how it can help them compensate for what nutrition they lack in their diet as well as due to malabsorption. My nutrition brand Palak Notes manufactures supplements that are essential for Indian consumers to get rid of diseases, become healthier, and also avoid falling prey to diseases.

For Whom is this website for?

  • If any of the following sounds like your problem then you can expect to find your answers here
  • If you are skeptic about medical professionals standard treatments.
  • If you want to upgrade your health to next level, to have lesser doctor visits altogether.
  • If too many solutions to your health problem on the internet confuse you and you want to know what works best.
  • If you want to make informed decisions about your lifestyle changes. Here you can expect to find the full picture
  • If you are looking for proven health hacks backed by science and self-experimentation.
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